June 4th, 2019

Hello fellow dreamers,

I apologize for the long wait in the update. I have tried to write 2 updates in the past 3 months and each time dramatic changes in our situation outdated my message... in any case things are much clearer now.

Immersing myself fully into Auroville in the last 6 months has been an awesome experience however I will not get into the details now. Overall, the ups and downs culminated in deep clarity! I have decided that although I will return someday for a few months to learn more and help with some unfinished business, I will definitely not make Auroville my home. Georgia has in contrast decided that Auroville will become her new home and thus we have seperated (remaining good friends). She will not be investing or participating on the ground with the development of the IPC but may act as a liason within Auroville.

I am steadfast in the dream of manifesting the vision that is the International Permaculture Community somewhere in the tropics, sub-tropics soon! Panama is still the most promising on my radar and I am now looking again at three properties in that country. However, I am (and some other investors are) not fixed on any one location and therefore if YOU have any place that you are most excited about, that matches our criteria - lets have a chat in the next few weeks before I make a final decision!

The next few months I will be working and seeing family and by October, I am hoping, I will be on a land somewhere, starting off the pioneer year and observing the place and region for our permaculture plan. Are YOU ready and willing to join me and co-create?

There is much preparation to do before the trip. I will also be using this time to publicize the community more through official channels which I have waited to do because of our indecisiveness in the past - platforms such as the FIC and GEN networks, in order to reach out to people who are actually seeking to live in intentional communities and thereby attract a commited tribe. I am still looking for investors too, especially for the basic infrastructures.

With lots of excitement, love and gratitude, namaste.
Your corresponent,
Ivan Tattoli


August 28th, 2018

Hello fellow dreamers,

I apologize for the delay in our update. It has not been easy for me to grasp our next moves and convey them to you until now.

Georgia and I have decided that we will give the established community of Auroville in India a chance as a possible future home for the two of us. Auroville offers similar ideals to the IPC and is a working eco-village where we can participate right away - ‘plug & play’ as it were, and where we will learn much from. It is the largest intentional community in the world, founded exactly 50 years ago. We will be living there from this coming November to May 2019 as a trial run.

Why you may ask. Establishing a new community is time consuming and takes a lot of effort and although I feel I have the energy for it still, it has been difficult for Georgia to get behind the project 110% so she kept her ears and eyes open for alternatives. Auroville came into our knowing in May.

Giving it a try also makes sense because we intend to have a child sooner than later and want him/her to be brought up in a real collective atmosphere. Joining this community will be quicker than manifesting the IPC. Even though Auroville is established (and in some cases despite of this) there are some major challenges to examine before we make a final decision in putting our roots there. What ever the outcome, in the very least, we will learn more from the experience.

It is too early to see how this adventure will shape our lives. Auroville as a future home or as a catalyst to refine our own definition of the IPC and establish ourselves soon after in the Americas are equal possibilities that may arise from our visit to India at this time. As such, for now, this website will continue to keep the IPC alive as the world needs more such beacons where like minded people can coalesce.

Furthermore, the land we choose for the IPC in Panama has much potential and I for one will help support anyone - YOU, who wishes to continue where we left off. Please get in contact with me so I can be of service in that process. Communal funds might also be available. We are also interested in hearing from you about other potential places.

Georgia and I hold you all deeply in our hearts and wish you all a beautiful end of summer and fall.

With lots of love and gratitude
Your corresponent,
Ivan Tattoli


Older updates can be accessed on our Archived Updates page.


May 6th, 2018

To our growing (small) Tribe and supporters,

May day morning, at the crack of dawn, I found myself up on a hill overlooking the North Atlantic and watching a Morris dance tradition transpire as the sun rose. Jim, one of our investors and a good friend invited me and it was wonderful to witness that jolly crew and its traditions. It reminds of how lucky I have been to be privy to many small groups of special people all over this planet. These mini communities finding place in the whole. Little beackons of joy in a dark storm. The IPC is personal to me; its an urge to manifest a very bright beakon on fertile ground ... and my roots are still stretching, still feeling around for land - So what does that make me? A coconut? A mangrove?!

May Day Morris Dance 2018

Well, Georgia and I are now back in the North working and spending time with family and friends. The next few months will pass similarily as we plan our next stages of this adventure.

We are currently in negotiations for a piece of land in Bocas Del Toro, on Isla Colon. Its a good location and although the land has some challenges we believe it to be a good place to set down our roots with diverse possibilities for the community to be self sufficient and still be close to civilization, for those healthy exchanges. The owners appear to be decent folks, share our values and are selling at a decent price! So we could have a land/home as early as August! That is super exciting for us! There is a bit of a risk due to legal concerns during the first year so we will not be investing too much into it, however we will be starting the Permaculture Master Plan and who ever wants to live simply with us that first year is welcome to join us.

Contingency: If for some reason negotiations on this property or the first year trial doesn't work out, we will be sailing away from Panama. There are two destinations which have peaked our interest. Columbia and India! I know... I know... sounds odd, however there is a very interesting and dynamic community in India, Orville, already 40 years plus established and very large with pockets of similar minded people and although I enjoy being a pioneer and think it is important to propogate intentional communities worldwide, it would be easier in many ways to jump into one. Georgia and I are going to do more research on it in the coming month. If Panama becomes our home I suggest at the least to go and check it out for a month and glean and learn from their experience! As far as Columbia; is it a logical next place for us after Panana as it is a nieghboring country, much more affordable, just as beautiful, more easily asseccible than India to most of us involved already and the culture there is more bubbly and diverse than Panamas. Let us see what the universe has in store for us!

Today I also sent out the 2nd part to the community building exercise 'Individual values, group values' which was interesting and fun to compile. When I hear back from those who have participated (6 of us) I will post a visual of our collective visioning in the next update. Which reminds me to let you know if there is anything you want to share - some inspirational stuff, some stuff about you, visioning collages...etc to send it too us and we will post it on the website.

Here is a community collage I made a few months back

With lots of love and gratitude
Your corresponent,
Ivan Tattoli


March 30th, 2018

To friends in the Circle,

Its hard to not turn this update into some personal blog for me - especially when this past month has been so trans-formative! It feels like so much has happened, so much learned that I could not possibly tell it all here. I will share some highlights and info about whats new.

A 20 minute hike from where we have been renting here in Chiriqui, Panama.

First I want to remind all those who are participating in the community building exercise 'Individual values, group values', to send your submissions by the 10th of April (so we can continue to the second half). For those who joined the list this month, or for those who missed that email, write me back with that request and I will send the exercise to you.

Also, we are inviting anyone who receives these updates to add to them. So,  if you do have something you want the world to know about you, about this project or opportunities for us as a group and you want to make it public, just write Georgia and I and we will, be happy to find a way to share it on the site and in some cases in these updates. (Even collages, pictures, poems, stories, activity ideas, etc...) Perhaps this could become a community blog in the near future.

The Wake

Few people talk about mystery, speak truth to power or expose misinformation and the majority pretend things don't exist or have resigned themselves to the official news/history. Robert Beatham is one of those former few people and I love him for it! A strong willed yet modest man; nearing 80 years in this lifetime. A treasure trove of experience and an archivist of the lesser knowns.

Robert and Chepe repairing a palm cutter tool.

The day I arrived in the Costa Rica I visited him. The mother of Junior  - one of Roberts worker friends, died on her chair early that morning. "I dislike the word death" he told me, as I cut open an abui fruit and tasted its sweet white meat, "the word transition would be more appropriate."

She was in her mid 90's and vibrant and clear till her last breath. That morning she had a bath, then got dressed and called a taxi and sat in her chair on the porch waiting. Then passed away... transitioned. The morticians didn't come till the late afternoon and the wake was to be held the following morning. "Do you know why they call it a Wake?" Robert asked of his workers in Spanish. No one responded and I waited happily for him to continue, not knowing why myself. "There was a time when people were buried soon after they were proclaimed dead and years later thanks to grave robbers, it was discovered that there were claw marks found in the interior of the coffins that could have only been created after the burial. They revived! People on morgue tables have gotten up and walked out.  Some people have even awoken during their own funeral! So the 'wake' allows time for the 'not quite ready to transition', even when they are clinically dead, to come back." The wake is a ceremony; the 'dead' persons face is left uncovered and it usually is held at least after 24 hours of being presumed dead. Robert said that his father had witnessed a coming back to life in the US when he was growing up and there are countless stories around the globe of this phenomenon.

In Costa Rica, and probably in most 'civilized places on the globe, the cost of a funeral is inhumane! There are rackets left and right in our modern world and not even death is spared. Robert and I talked all afternoon in the shade, with the humid heat about many such subjects. The bird songs were constantly present and enjoyable. As dusk was approaching I decided to take a walk in the botanical gardens. 

I realized very quickly that I had never been down here to his farm this time of year (usually been there from Nov. to Feb.). It was now a blossoming of fruit everywhere!   rollinias, jackfruits, Guavas, velvet apples, caimitos, surinam cherries and of course bananas to name a few! One of the nicest gardens I have ever come across in Central America... An example of what can be done right, what I want to replicate on our new homeland, what inspires me and I aspire too;  a mixed multiple story food forest that feels like a park more than an orchard. In my vision perhaps just a little less groomed ... he is running a botanical garden after all. He does give tours but his mainstay is his farming of palm oil and a yearly ramboutan crop. You can check out his place here http://paradise-garden.tripod.com/

I packed some of my harvest to share with Georgia the next day.

Absorbing the Mysteries

So, yes, both Georgia and I went to Costa Rica, separately and we met up again afterward at Ardent Light for a few days where we picked up a bag of small treasures we had left there 2 years ago! It was wonderful to see the Luzardo family again! They have been living in Costa Rica for 4 years.  http://ardentlight.com/ministry/about/  They are in the middle of some experimental constructions, their food forest is at the beginning of production and the waterfalls along the property are always beautiful and refreshing to visit. They are looking for a manager to stay for a while. If you are interested in knowing more write me for more details. They are planning to go back to the USA for a few years, as their three teenagers, all growing fast, want to go to colleges there.

The return to Panama was smooth and we met George, a Canadian who told us about a property in Bocas Del Toro. I had never gone because the price out there I assumed was way over our heads... but there are always exceptions... or more likely options with tricky complications which I am still trying to navigate through. We are curious about the possibilities...and Ben and I traveled to check out the land there and practice some due diligence.


Ben looking at lands with me and some of the landscapes.

Some other amazing inputs from the universe that I absorbed this past came through an audio book version of 'How to win friends and influence people', a video documentary on Terence McKenna, my travels with Ben, meeting new friends here in Panama, being a massage guinea pig and reading a few biographies, somehow all of which had a connection to Africa. Also, learning more about the law in this country, communicating with real estate offers and watering plants.

Georgia has been busy reading and studying in her field(s) and getting a great reputation with her massages. Work has picked up the last few months and is helping us out financially and we do a good job with not eating too much into our savings.

As for a definitive answer on any land... it is too early to tell... , more research and communication is pending, more lands to see in another zone of the country (the last one) as far as we are concerned and we may also here back from the Bugle too.

We have also begun the process of shifting our focus to personal plans and getting ready for our departure here in 3 weeks time. We will be returning to Canada to tie up loose ends, have my operation, see family & friends and work! The plan is to then return to Panama in September (after 4 months)...(or to Columbia or Nicaragua) depending on what happens in the next few weeks with land explorations before our departure. This Northern return will also be about finding more international tribe members - that is we will begin profiles on FIC - Fellowship of intentional communities and the GEN - Global Ecovillage Network for better publicity. Mostly though, this returning to the North will be an excuse to spend time with more of the people that we love. How life keeps us apart! Sometimes that makes me feel alone on this quest...

The Latest Rebirth

Only a few days ago, I was on my way to the Colon province to check out the region for possible land ... the universe then presented me with an opportunity that I could not refuse. I have been thinking about doing the serpent medicine for the last year now and in the last few months that thought intensified. The experience of death and rebirth... the Ayahuasca experience! Needless to say I postponed the land search in Colon... which I plan to still take on, in the second week of April, which by then I should also have more leads.

It was a very intense 'trip' for me and I won't get into it here, however at dawn, as I reflected upon the night, I also questioned the work I am doing, the energy I am putting into manifesting  community and finding a good land for that community.

Is it still important to me and why? The answer: Absolutely!  And why? - To allow myself and as many others who want to join in some basic shared values, the freedom to be in a place that each of us can truly be ourselves (without shunning or shaming), explore ourselves, live a great life and share with others our amazing experiences, talents and creations ... that covers a lot of ground! This can manifest in countless ways and can shift for people over time. For example, for some its having support or recognition of some kind, for others its to delve into nakedness and feeling free, for others its to sing and dance, to give service, to play games etc... for me, at this point, it is to eat and share copious amounts of exotic fruits - plant the forests to allow that to happen and watch and guide their growth. I believe that each of us following our paths, living our shining glory, by default, support others in some capacity, be it physical, mental, spiritual or emotional or any combinations thereof! Why also... because I feel good moving in this direction and I believe in doing this and think it will help humanity shift in better alignment with all living things. For me it is the place I want to be, the base to complete the things I have been called to do.

A collage Georgia made imbuing aspects of community for us!

I therefore am looking for a home for the community that will be beautiful, forgiving (in debt, in the work needed to be comfortable and to live healthy lives) and full of possibilities. It has been a challenge so far to find it with the budget we are looking to raise however we are narrowing down regions, places, lands and Georgia and I are feeling optimistic about the right place manifesting soon!

With lots of love and gratitude
Ivan your correspondent
Georgia your editor in chief

For those who don't already know it, I want to share with you a song - 'From the Ground Up' by Ayla Nereo, which took on a new meaning for me this month and is 110% inspiration!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8Mk0s6x7YU



Older updates can be accessed on our Archived Updates page.


February, 24th, 2018

      Hi friends and family in the circle,

(photos below) Its been 3 weeks since the last transmission...

      My rendezvouses with various branches of the government, including a chance stumbling upon a government sanctioned dispute resolutions office, were fruitful, and I recorded most of these conversations. While gathering this information I also met with the Kasike (the chief) of the Bugle in the Santa Fe district.

      He lives in Guabal and I got there one late afternoon and it was raining as usual. Guabal has a freaky micro climate where the high mountain range of cloud forests drops quickly down to only 250 meters above sea level causing the air pressure to drop drastically and bless them with rain... lots of rain often. Rain which they aren't using to their advantage; someone, most likely following their own business agenda, decided that the villagers should get their electricity from solar panels as opposed to mini hydro or a medium hydro plant so the people of the village are now stuck with infrequent power! A clear case of bad planning.

      I hurried from the bus and booked a room, literally the only rooms in town... basic 7 by 7 foot wooden boxes located above a fonda (restaurant). I dropped most of my things and borrowed an umbrella from the manager and headed off to find the chief. The umbrella was mostly to protect a map I had printed out as a gift for him. It was a map I had got made and bought at the census office that showed populated areas in the whole district which the Bugle claim should belong to them.

      I followed the path along the river, passing only a few native souls along the way. As I veered from the river the path thinned and got very muddy so I took off my sandals and continued, squishing my toes in the soft cool mud of the early evening. As the path narrowed and split I had to deduce by my previous encounters with his neighbors, where his place might be. The path I choose soon opened up to a small concrete church and there was a house behind it. I asked the young child there if I could speak with his dad. A man appeared moments later and we greeted each other. He was not the same man who I had made this appointment with but apparently the other school teacher had just covered for him that day. ... This was Saturnino and he beckoned me away from his house till we sat under the roof of the church.

      There was apprehension on his part from the beginning and he would not let me record any of our conversation however as our dialogue continued into the dark there seemed to be a deep understanding that developed between us. I walked back a few hours later replaying the meeting in my head. The next day I back tracked, went to some more government agencies in Santiago then headed home. As I was on the bus my mind was racing and I began writing. I knew I had to write to Saturnino... a formal letter, addressed to him and the Bugle. This is what has dominated my energy for the last few weeks and I want to thank John L. for translating the first draft into Spanish, for Georgia, Zacy, Sandro and Ben for giving their input and to Filipe for checking over the final draft in Spanish. The letter shares information and strategies that the Bugle could use to help them in their struggle along with a request from them to sanction our own project in their area. I will not make the letter public but if you are an Angelito or a close friend/family I will send you a copy (in English or Spanish) upon request. I intend to deliver the letter in person this Monday.

      On the personal front, Georgia and I are doing wonderfully. She has been getting more clients and we are living in simple abundance. We did have some interesting run ins with infringements of our personal space, none of which ended badly but they were somewhat jolting, such as a stray dog trying to make its home inside the house and during one night of Carnival a man trying to steal stuff from our home when we were in the other room. Georgia got him good and he ran away with less than he came here with! This morning there was another shocker... both pairs of Georgias sandals were stolen as well as our cloth hammock from our porch. Being on a fairly central street doesn't help much and we will keep everything inside from now on. That is not our ideal living situation but we don't want to tempt any more infringements for our final 2 months in this house.

      I have also been distracted by seed sowing, food production and experimenting with air layering on some tropical trees here in Las Lajas Dentro, where a German woman, Silke, started this nice demonstration project (Lo Tuyo), 10 years back. She also makes great organic jams! We get excited talking with each other. I even started tinkering with the idea to look around these parts for land but two issues may be hard to overcome; water shortages due to the long dry season and over logging and the already high price of land here. And last week, for a few days Georgia and I were also pleasantly distracted as my brother and Riley who came to visit us from Canada. These things remind me of what an intentional community can feel like, can look like.

      This coming week I will concentrate on web site changes, project promotion, a community visioning activity (for those participants) and preparing for our sojourn into Costa Rica to meet up with old friends. By the 10th of March Georgia and I will be back and I will head off, hopefully with Ben, to the province of Colon, to check out the region and possible lands to purchase there.

      Of course, the proposal to the Bugle is still in play and if they accept, the community may have a beautiful region to call home.

Your correspondant;
Ivan Tattoli

P.S. It was nice to have input from some of you last time and I am looking forward to more.
For older updates you may have missed go to http://www.communityearth.org/community/news

Here I've added last months photos from the email update for everyone else to enjoy.

The road into Rio Luis

Family farming near Caloveborita

Rio Calovebora

The sleepy town of Calovebora

A muddy serpent through the jungle

Meet the cacao ancestor


28th of January, 2018

     Hola! Family, tribes people and interested friends,

I began my journey to a possible "promised region" for the foundation of the IPC land nearly two weeks ago and have walked, boated and ridden for many many miles since. I just got back to our home base in Las Lajas last night and reunited with Georgia.

     I have found some beautiful areas much of which has been relatively untouched by modern civilization. Freshwater, clean rivers, large trees, wild life, agreeable climate however there are a few caveats. The area is rife with political problems at the moment. Aboriginal land claims and corrupt Panamanian officials and rich outsider land grabs. Although maps don't show it, the area is riddled with communities living sustainably. In short it is occupied and the laws here would not make it easy to actually secure something without some change in the situation or some form of blessing from at least 2 parties.

      Another problem is that of geography - the proximity to a city is further than we have in our vision and the transportation would be very primitive so much of the area would best be left alone. However there are two spots that could still be ideal if the political situation can be sorted out.

     It is with this intention that tomorrow I leave again for the capital of the province to find out from some government agencies certain processes about land acquisition and how some of them view the situation of the disputed territory. I also have a meeting with the Kasike (the native representative - not sure about the spelling) of the unrecognized Bugle comarca lands in the evening. If finding land for the tribe wasn't a priority, making a documentary about this situation would be an eyeopener and useful to the country... even perhaps the world as the erasure of native lifestyles still continue to this day. In fact, as we are trying to return to nature as our own unique tribe, through our own means, the economic bohemeth of taker culture is still disfranchizing others. The Bugle vision and our own are similar and our situations not far off.

      If it appears to be a quagmire without resolution we will move onto looking at a 'homeland' in another part of Panama and may even consider Nicaragua. I will keep you posted.

Your correspondant;
Ivan Tattoli

     PS. Please feel free to write us about ideas concerning this situation and possible other areas you feel would work for the IPC.


December 27th 2017

     Its been just under two months since our last update and things are moving along and I'm excited to share whats been happening with You!

     Georgia and I are now stationed in Panama and are renting a large 3 bedroom house in the small town of Las Lajas, 10 kilometers from the Pacific with one of the longest beaches in the country. We have room for Angelitos, friends, family and people who have donated so far to come down and stay a week here with us and for anyone interested in the future of the IPC to come and visit for a night or two. We should be here till at least the end of March and perhaps longer depending on how the project is developing along.

     The IPC has made some new allies in Panama. The manager or the Nahual Eco-hostel, Elvis is happy to give counsel and friendship and we have met a few wonderful people through there who are interested in the project. One man, a Peace Corps volunteer, Benjamin, who has become a good friend of ours, has decided to become an Angelito as well as his family. A few other individuals have joined in the last month and we now have a total of 8 confirmed Angelitos with another 5 people who have not confirmed thier type of involvement yet but have shown keen interest. We also want to thank Fernand and Liliana respectively for their large donations to our cause.

     This brings me to the point of financial logistics. To our dissappointment my bank does not offer a non profit organization the possibility to gain interest on the escrow account and another bank I am looking at does not even have the possibility of escrow accounts. Luckily, I know that most of you are not investing for the interest. Still, I am going to look into other possibilities in Panama in the coming weeks. Any ideas are welcome.

     Marketing had pretty much ended by mid November due to moving and preparing then landing and finding place, but now that we are settled here, I will carry out more marketing and outreach in next couple of weeks. On the 20th of January I will be heading out into the area of the country we are interested in for the home for the community. When I return two weeks later I will update you on the findings and most likely begin asking Angelitos to put their monies into an account.

     Being down here and feeling the vibes, remembering the vision and knowing there are supporters out there has gotten me excited about this coming year! We will make it a reality. Please don't hestitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or wishes to express. I wish everyone a beautiful & Happy New Year!
Sincerely, your correspondant: Ivan Tattoli

** I'm also excited because our first batch of cacao has been fermented and dried... chocolate making time! ; ) **


November 2nd 2017

Lots of News this month!

We welcome Yvan Dumouchel to our team! He has stepped up to be one of the directors of the Community Earth Land Trust that is being readied for incorporation.

Our financing campaign is revving up and we have recently adopted a new investment strategy thanks to input from Ron Ross and also the world of micro financing. This strategy consists of breaking up our goals into smaller parts and also allowing more people to partake in the investment. People who like our vision and want us to succeed and are not interested in making the IPC their home can now invest and help us protect land and give healthy autonomy to interested Tribes people. We call these persons Angelitos, which means 'Little Angels' and the project now has already 5 Angelitos which is 8.3% of our goal! Please see our new Investing page for more details.

This has also led us to seriously look at the possibility of Part-Time Residents and you can read about these changes in the first section 'Participants' of our Structure page.

A few new Frequently Asked Questions / Answers have been posted. A Thank you goes out to Loic for putting up an 'accomplishment counter' at the bottom of all our webpages.

Wishing everyone a beautiful November and I look forward to hearing from you too.
Your correspondant: Ivan Tattoli



This website is new! Welcome!

Drumming up interest for the project is where we're at. If you like our vision, please spread the word or get involved through the many ways to Participate.

Currently we are a small core team looking for new Participants to manifest this dream with us. If you are open minded, environmentally concious, willing to explore new dynamics, want to live in community, have read the website and like what you hear then please contact us. Even if Panama may not be the place for you there may be other ways to collaborate.

We are also now accepting all forms of donations.

Investors who are committed to sustainability should check out our Investing page.

Mahalo, Thank You, merci, Shokran, Gratzie, gracias...
The Tribe