May 6th, 2018

To our growing (small) Tribe and supporters,

May day morning, at the crack of dawn, I found myself up on a hill overlooking the North Atlantic and watching a Morris dance tradition transpire as the sun rose. Jim, one of our investors and a good friend invited me and it was wonderful to witness that jolly crew and its traditions. It reminds of how lucky I have been to be privy to many small groups of special people all over this planet. These mini communities finding place in the whole. Little beackons of joy in a dark storm. The IPC is personal to me; its an urge to manifest a very bright beakon on fertile ground ... and my roots are still stretching, still feeling around for land - So what does that make me? A coconut? A mangrove?!

May Day Morris Dance 2018

Well, Georgia and I are now back in the North working and spending time with family and friends. The next few months will pass similarily as we plan our next stages of this adventure.

We are currently in negotiations for a piece of land in Bocas Del Toro, on Isla Colon. Its a good location and although the land has some challenges we believe it to be a good place to set down our roots with diverse possibilities for the community to be self sufficient and still be close to civilization, for those healthy exchanges. The owners appear to be decent folks, share our values and are selling at a decent price! So we could have a land/home as early as August! That is super exciting for us! There is a bit of a risk due to legal concerns during the first year so we will not be investing too much into it, however we will be starting the Permaculture Master Plan and who ever wants to live simply with us that first year is welcome to join us.

Contingency: If for some reason negotiations on this property or the first year trial doesn't work out, we will be sailing away from Panama. There are two destinations which have peaked our interest. Columbia and India! I know... I know... sounds odd, however there is a very interesting and dynamic community in India, Orville, already 40 years plus established and very large with pockets of similar minded people and although I enjoy being a pioneer and think it is important to propogate intentional communities worldwide, it would be easier in many ways to jump into one. Georgia and I are going to do more research on it in the coming month. If Panama becomes our home I suggest at the least to go and check it out for a month and glean and learn from their experience! As far as Columbia; is it a logical next place for us after Panana as it is a nieghboring country, much more affordable, just as beautiful, more easily asseccible than India to most of us involved already and the culture there is more bubbly and diverse than Panamas. Let us see what the universe has in store for us!

Today I also sent out the 2nd part to the community building exercise 'Individual values, group values' which was interesting and fun to compile. When I hear back from those who have participated (6 of us) I will post a visual of our collective visioning in the next update. Which reminds me to let you know if there is anything you want to share - some inspirational stuff, some stuff about you, visioning collages...etc to send it too us and we will post it on the website.

Here is a community collage I made a few months back

With lots of love and gratitude
Your corresponent,
Ivan Tattoli


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