August 28th, 2018

Hello fellow dreamers,

I apologize for the delay in our update. It has not been easy for me to grasp our next moves and convey them to you until now.

Georgia and I have decided that we will give the established community of Auroville in India a chance as a possible future home for the two of us. Auroville offers similar ideals to the IPC and is a working eco-village where we can participate right away - ‘plug & play’ as it were, and where we will learn much from. It is the largest intentional community in the world, founded exactly 50 years ago. We will be living there from this coming November to May 2019 as a trial run.

Why you may ask. Establishing a new community is time consuming and takes a lot of effort and although I feel I have the energy for it still, it has been difficult for Georgia to get behind the project 110% so she kept her ears and eyes open for alternatives. Auroville came into our knowing in May.

Giving it a try also makes sense because we intend to have a child sooner than later and want him/her to be brought up in a real collective atmosphere. Joining this community will be quicker than manifesting the IPC. Even though Auroville is established (and in some cases despite of this) there are some major challenges to examine before we make a final decision in putting our roots there. What ever the outcome, in the very least, we will learn more from the experience.

It is too early to see how this adventure will shape our lives. Auroville as a future home or as a catalyst to refine our own definition of the IPC and establish ourselves soon after in the Americas are equal possibilities that may arise from our visit to India at this time. As such, for now, this website will continue to keep the IPC alive as the world needs more such beacons where like minded people can coalesce.

Furthermore, the land we choose for the IPC in Panama has much potential and I for one will help support anyone - YOU, who wishes to continue where we left off. Please get in contact with me so I can be of service in that process. Communal funds might also be available. We are also interested in hearing from you about other potential places.

Georgia and I hold you all deeply in our hearts and wish you all a beautiful end of summer and fall.

With lots of love and gratitude
Your corresponent,
Ivan Tattoli


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