Ivan Tattoli

Ivan experiments with social, agricultural and energy paradigms, seeking truths (subjective and absolute) from such exploration and observation. He believes that system structure is of utmost importance in the development of novel projects with human and ecological interactions.

Ivan owned and operated a bio-intensive organic farm in Quebec, Canada, between 2004 to 2009. He has since concentrated on learning about species in sub tropical climates, undertaking a personal plant compendium and taking on work exchange in the South during the winters. He completed a permaculture design course in Belize in 2014. In recent summers he has also taken on alternative construction contracts and has used building techniques such as strawbale, timber framing, cob and hempcrete. His goal is to live in an intentional community in the South, with a focus on food forest agriculture and appropriate technologies.

Georgia Benner-Ross

A lover of life and learning, Georgia has studied Early Childhood Education and has worked with children and families in many different settings, including day cares, festivals, camps, schools, through community activities, and with home schooling and unschooling families. Her love of the arts, singing and creative movement influence her greatly and are woven into her interactions. Georgia maintains a strong interest in alternative education and free schools, believing that learning blossoms through intrinsic interest, play and exploration by creating spaces for people to come, to share and learn together.

Georgia has also spent time working and living on organic farms and intentional communities with a permaculture / earth based spiritual focus.

Georgia has finished her studies in awareness oriented massage and structural bodywork. She is excited about offering this passion however has recently decided to make India her home so her involvement in the IPC is limited.