Vision Statement
A HOME, a haven, a garden of Eden, a sustainable community, a place to BE yourself and explore yourself in a continuous life giving balance through relationships between people, fauna and flora. A dynamic group of committed people will shape our intentional community.

The Goal
To establish a thriving village of between 50 and 200 participants that live and work to sustain each others lives and dreams. A bubbling community of endless possibilities. It is our intention to celebrate existence together while protecting a beautiful piece of the earth.

The IPC is an affordable way for creative, conscious, ecologically aware, free spirits to come together, work together and live with-in a community setting. A place for people of all ages to grow, learn, experiment and make discoveries.

The IPC is inclusive to the diversity of being human, meaning that we accept people of all spiritual paths, genders, ages, sexual orientations, relationship dynamics, physical / mental conditions, races, nationalities and social classes. Individuals and families welcome.

The heart of community is its people. We are currently seeking participants from all over the world. Do you have an inner calling to join an open and loving family - a tribe! Are you excited to collaborate in this living experiment and recognize that the processes are just as important as the goals. Cultivating a spirit of oneness, curiosity and wonder will keep our community strong. In building this community, in both hearts, minds and the physical realms we intend to live life joyously and with purpose. The diversity of backgrounds, interests and skills will strengthen and enrich the community.

The core teams preliminary explorations have led them to an area of Panama where we can achieve sustainability in a relatively short amount of time. In a country where environmental awareness is low we will also be a positive example to our neighbors and protect a beautiful corner of GAIA as we do so. The community is now developing on an large island, in the North of Panama with lush hills, streams, beaches and a town within 20 minutes by public transport.

As David Spangler so eloquently describes about Findhorn, a well known functioning intentional community in Scotland; "A place for strong, dedicated, joyously creative souls who are willing to work … to unfold and demonstrate a practical vision for a new world". Our intentional community will be an example of such a place in Central America!