Section 3 of the IPC Membership Contract

Decision Making Processes

The democratic processes we use will enable each Participant to fairly and efficiently partake in the information gathering process, deliberation and vote on the issues that arise in the community. Each person has the right to speak and be heard and each tribe member has a vote. These prerequisites are true for both the decisions made in the domain of the IPC Corporation as well as for the Association.

As of this time all decisions have been made by concensus, and this is fairly painless to attend too when we are only a few tribe members living a similar experience. As the community grows we seek to incorporate aspects of both Sociocracy and Direct Democracy into our governance. You can read more about those models via the links below: Sociocracy Model; a social democratic process growing in popularity Direct Democracy Model; with novel approaches to movable majority percentages

Until we have decided on such an elaborate platform, only meetings with all Participants present (in person, or through some technological means) will be excepted as a quorum for making decisions and any changes to the Membership Contract will need an 80% majority.

Note that for IPC businesses or projects, the manager or co-op makes decisions for the ongoing operations and smaller meetings can but are not always needed for such decisions to be made.