Section 3 of the IPC Membership Contract

Decision Making Processes

The democratic processes we use will enable each Participant to fairly and efficiently partake in the information gathering process, deliberation and vote on the issues that arise in the community.

As of this time, there has been no decision as to which model of democracy we see as the best option for the tribe however what ever models are chosen they must uphold the values of inclusion allowing each person to be heard in deliberation and giving them equal voting power. To date, there are two such models being considered. You can investigate further by following the links; Sociocracy Model; a social democratic platform growing in popularity Direct Democracy Model; a little known platform that the Community Earth Foundation (Land Trust) has adopted.

Until we have decided on a platform, only meetings with all Participants present (in person, or through some technological means) will be excepted as a quorum for making decisions and any changes to the Membership Contract will need a 75% majority.