Section 1 of the IPC Membership Contract

General Information

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Last updated July/03/2022

This Membership Contract is a collection of all the guidelines & rules for persons who are engaged in the International Permaculture Community (IPC) project, whether they be work exchange visitors, trial participants, tribe members or the dependents of these.

Changes to this contract must be made through our communities democratic model (see Decision Making Process page). The changes will be immediately effective once the results are known. The tribe members will be responsible for editing this Contract accordingly and publishing the new version with the appropriate date on our website and attaching the printed changes to the paper documents printed and accessible in the community.

As an intentional community in development, we have chosen to make public our inner workings, this contract and the by-laws within it, through our website, so that there is full transparency and the possibility for open dialog about our techniques. It may also inspire other communities to use parts of it as they wish to and we offer it freely.

This document covers novel processes unique to our community. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about the Membership Contract.

An open mind/spirit and a commitment to collaboration and personal growth are prerequisites to becoming a tribe member. We recommend anyone interested in joining the community to read this Contract.

The main sections of the Contract are:

You can also visit our Current Bylaws and Community Parameters Webpage to give you an idea of all the variables which we have or can tweak in our Governance, Economy and General Community. This website should be updated when changes arise and the page is a new addition to the IPC Tribe as of July 2022.

Contract Terminology


  • International Permaculture Community Inc. - The legal entity which holds the land in trust with the objective of finding a balance between the natural environment and the human stewards - the tribe, on the land. Owned collectively by all adult members of the community.
  • Shawoho - stands for Shared Work Hours
  • Tribe - The collective Participants of the community, also referred to as the community, the eco-village, the association.

Synonym References

  • Full member, member, Tribe Member, Full Participant, Participant and villager
  • Interim Participant and Trial Participant and Trial Member are synonyms

   * Many words are given definitions within the document itself. If you think something should be added here please recommend it to us. Thank you.