Become an Angelito - a 'little angel', by investing $5000 USD (or more), which gives us the opportunity to create an ecovillage and save a beautiful jungle ecosystem to boot. You are guaranteed a return of your principal plus an interest of 2% per annum until the intentional community is able to pay you back.

This is a unique and socially responsible way to invest your money where the funds will go to improving the planet directly and with extremely low risk to your own finances.

    There are several other perks to investing as an Angelito:
  • You can visit the land at anytime and camp for up to a month per year. This includes a family with children or with up to a maximum of 4 adults. This right is transferable to anyone you desire. Certain services will not be included, however if available, you will be given lodging and where the community has abundance you will be honored.
  • You will have first access to information on new businesses and further investment opportunities that may come from spin offs of the ecovillage.
  • You will be kept abreast of our activities and meetings.

If you are also interested in being a Tribe member or a Part-Time Resident in various capacities or even a Vacation Investor, note that the monies you have invested as an Angelito can be transfered to offset the Financial Cost of Initial Participation.

Be an Angel
Thank you