* We are looking to acquire a property encompassing between 100 to 200 hectares. This chart is based on a hypothetical farm of between 100 & 200 hectares. All relative costs should remain similar with the exception of the land purchase price which could vary. The more we raise, the larger the land we can steward will be. The minimum needed is $256,000 with a maximum of $751,000, for this community to get operational in the best way possible.


Cost in USD


Founding Expenses:

Founder Stipend
(maximum before purchase)


$400 / month for each founder beginning December, 2017. (all prior work gifted)

Incorporation of Community Earth Foundation & Legal fees


Lawyer fees and processing fees of various government branches to incorporate the foundation in Canada as well as Panama . 2 months to acquire.

Communication & Transport costs for Incorporation filing


Finders fees (4% = $2,000 for each $50,000 invested (max $600,000))

$0 to $24,000

Varies depending on the amount of Participants the community gets early on and the total land price.

Initial Marketing & Website

$1,000 to $4,000

Marketing is mostly through word of mouth, contacting specific persons and the website for the public at large. Most of this work will be done by the founders with some hiring. Some specific events may be targeted to get to the right audience.

Land Purchase Expenses:

Farm Listing Price

$100,000 to $500,000

This would be the highest we would be willing to spend on 100 hectares. There are several properties we have in mind that cost much less. We believe that we can purchase a sufficient property for 200,000 USD however

Purchase Tax


2% of buy price. It is the seller that pays this fee to the government

Pioneer Expenses:

Pioneer Stipend
(10 person max for year 1)


This is $200 per month per active Participant who is on site and working on observation, research and writing up the Permaculture Master Plan (which saves the community outsourced fees of $8000 upwards) and a better product and on the ground, real time management.

Permaculture Site Plan Tools


This includes soil tests, water tests, a weather system station, mapping equipment, stationary, a mini solar system for laptops and lights & materials for various experiments.

Initial Community Infrastructure Costs:

Communal Hall/Kitchen

$30,000 to $50,000

Water System

$15,000 to $30,000

Founders believe this to be site dependent and think its an over estimate. With ingenuity we believe this cost could be drastically reduced.

Electrical System

$20,000 to $30,000

Most likely, mini hydro system(s) will be used.

Access Road

$10,000 to $20,000

A Bridge or mini rail system if required. Depends on land purchased.

Communications Hub

$5,000 to $8,000

2 Computers, tower and service provision for first year.

Community Vehicle

$10,000 to $20,000

4x4 truck or mini school bus, diesel preferred. 4x4/ Mini school bus? Diesel.

Reforestation Crop Purchase


See INAN program for details.

Equipment for first farming & cooperative ventures (tools)


We feel this is an over estimate however some kind of excavator or excavation may be useful. Also we may qualify for the MINA program which helps farm groups doing ecological farming with some of the seeds and tools along with some guidance which would reduce these costs.

Total Preliminary Fees

From $256,000 to $751,000

Infrastructure Maintenance Costs (per year):

Community Vehicle


Electrical System


Water System


Bridge Substitute System or Road Works


Communication Hub


Land Tax


For the first 20 years as we qualify as a farm, for eco tourism and other tax incentives there are no taxes to be paid.



Per year maintenance costs

For the community to get the kick start it needs to succeed, we are hoping to raise a total of $751,000 USD!

To upkeep the basic infrastructure in the community it would cost us approximately $5,300 per year.

* Other benefits and incentives may come from the Tourism Board, MINA (agriculture department) & INAN (environmental department. ).