Dream yourself living in the IPC? Not able to do so in the coming year? Why not reserve a spot and secure a place for your future.We are grateful for those who intend to join, even if they feel they are not able to do so for several years.

Those interested can 'Reserve Placement' now by deciding on a future entry date and by paying a deposit today. We offer this for a number of reasons:

  • It shows us you are serious.
  • It helps the community purchase the land and supplies needed upfront.
  • Its an investment for both parties, as the deposit is not a donation but rather counts toward the initial six month "Trial Period Rental Fees'.
  • It guarantees you a chance to get into the community during different stages of its development and most importantly when you think you'll be ready to do so.

A maximum of 140 adults can benefit from this type of reservation. The choice of dates to join the community will be a first deposit, first choice method. The breakdown of dates are tentative and are subject to discussion and approval as years go by from existing Participants in the community through our democratic process. The deposit is a total of $1200 USD. For more details please check out The Financial Cost of Initial Participation Chart, in the Membership Contract.

Before making a 'Reserve Placement' deposit, we suggest you read and understand our Membership Contract and preferably go through our application process also found in that contract.

Your Reserve Date is an approximate intended time frame of when you feel you would be ready to come live in the community. It does not guarantee you an indefinite stay in the community but it does guarantee you a time to come and partake in the 6 month trial period and that being prepaid.

The deposit is considered non-refundable unless and until you come to the community to start your trial period by your Reserve Date and once and if the time frame which we have all agreed too prior, and if during that trial period you decide that the community is not your thing, you will be *entitled to reimbursement for each full month that remains of the trial period. If you come after your Reserve Date the deposit still goes toward your Trial Period Rental Fees however if it doesn't work out between you and the community there are no refunds for leaving early.

This set up ensures that membership spots will go to people who are ready and waiting for the opportunity to enter into the community and not tied up with people who have been delayed or are unsure of their commitment.

All monies for this deposit will be paid to the Community Earth Foundation and will be held in an escrow account of the Foundation until the purchase offer of the land the core team has chosen, has been accepted by the seller of the land. At that point the monies will be used to pay for the real estate and diminish the community debt from the start. If the land has already been purchased, the deposited monies will go into the community coffer and be used to pay off the initial land investment and acquire tools and materials used to set up the community infrastructure (water system, electricity, gardens, cooperatives, etc).

If no purchase of land is made after a period of three years from the date of investing your money, you can choose to pull it out of the project by contacting us with that intention. The original deposit will be sent back to you (or next of kin) with no interest added and also with no fees or penalties. In other words the exact amount will be refunded.

     *Entitled too, but subject to when the land has been paid in full and or if there are funds in the community to reimburse you. Ideally in this situation, some other person would join the Tribe thereby allowing those funds to be available to you.