Last updated August 1st, 2022.

This cascading list is the International Permaculture Community's wish list for tribe member recruitment, those persons with the various wisdom and interests we feel would be appreciated and allow us to thrive. Shorter term volunteers with in depth knowledge may also be welcome.

Plant Whisperer

Are you a walking botanical library? The International Permaculture Community is looking for a botanist specialized in the wet tropics and/or someone passionate about trees! Would you like to be our agroforestry expert? Having experience with dicotomec/identifier keys and with some world experience a must. Some planting, grafting and other such work may also be required. Experience in nutrient testing and other compounds would also be am asset.

Animal Whisperer

The International Permaculture Community is looking for our very own Dr. Dolittle. Animal lover and caregiver. Speaking on their behalf but also convincing them to do the tasks that the community needs. A holistic vet attitude or experience is welcome. Some of the tasks that the animals that live among us will undertake are eating grass, helping move large objects, helping make compost, carrying messages and perhaps carting for transport. Chickens, sheep, pigeons, donkeys or water buffalos are in our near future. Also, if you can speak to leaf cutter ants you are destined for greatness!

Group Harmonizer

Any of these already inspire your life? Raw honesty, authentic relating, sociocracy, NVC, focusing? The International Permaculture Community is seeking a group dynamics facilitator. Experience in mediation helpful but above all someone who loves to listen and is a good communicator for meetings, special activities and conflict resolution. Our very own human social permaculturalist!

Forge Master

You know and love metal and all its virtues. You like to use metal in creative ways. If you have some experience with aluminium and or stainless that should prove wonderful. Your first mission will be in getting a forge up and running! Every community should have a blacksmith and the International Permaculture Community is no exception!

Mycelium Revolutionary

Are you growing, studying, identifying, consuming and otherwise ecstatic about everything mycelium? The International Permaculture Community could use a mycologist to help bring our mushroom business to fruition. The mycelium age could be around the bend and we are interested in exploring, applying and creating novel uses and products from the kingdom of fungi!

The Nut Cracker

Are you already familiar with the power and versatility of the ancient coconut? The International Permaculture Community is looking for a product and logistics manager/worker for our in house Locos Por Cocos food transformation business, with its emphasis on coconuts and dried fruits of course! The plan is to develop new markets and grow the business further.

Soil Builder(s)

The International Permaculture Community needs people who understand that to trully thrive so must the soil biota. Do you enjoy playing with earth, composting, chop and drop and generally growing food? By our calculations, one in every 25 people should be dedicated to farming! Humanity is way off course! Come, build on and continue the work of sustainable agriculture which has begun on the IPC lands.

Fermentation Evangelist

You are a proud owner of The Art of Fermentation. You have played with koji, curds, krauts, etc... and love to continue to uncover and spread such magic. The International Permaculture Community feels it would be an asset to add such a dedicated person to our team. Lets stir it up, wait a few months and see what happens!

Natural Builder(s)

The International Permaculture Community needs people who are passionate about using noble materials to build a better world, being resourceful with the materials at hand and who have experience with wood, stone, cob, bamboo, wattle and daub, tadelak, ciment and/or earthships. Come visualize, design and build the structures that will be the foundational and intrinsic places for the tribe to work and play.

The Alchemist

Ecological destruction through chemistry has been last centuries model... lets give chemistry a second chance. The International Permaculture Community is interested in working with a self proclaimed elemental tinkerer to find alternatives to the petro chemical reliance in the world and especially in our country and remediate the damage. From bioplastics to carbon fiber, what are your visions?

DaVincis Spirit (other names?)Edison Tinkerer

The International Permaculture Community is looking for a mechanical whiz kid! Interested in fixing and building machines and tools from scratch, especially appropriate tech and human powered where possible. Some electronics knowledge would be nice but not mandatory. Innovation is key!

Teslas Protege

Have you a shocking interest and experience in electrical engineering? Someone who gets a spark out of the idea of experimenting and inventing appropriate tech solutions for the energy crisis? The International Permaculture Community wants you to help effectively setup the future electrical system for the eco village and call here your playground.

Hands of Magic

The International Permaculture Community is seeking an Osteopath, Acupuncturist and/or Structural Intergration Practicioner to serve as our tribal healer. Your expertise will be much appreciated attending to the bodies of those who are working for a better humanity on different fronts. Also outside income can be easily made from the network of peoples the IPC knows on the nearby islands of our tropical home.

Harry the Potter(s)

Craftspeople of all types are welcome... weaver, furniture artist, instrument maker, bushcrafter etc... and at this time also especially persons with experience with biodigestors, hot air ballons, natural pool building, aquaponics, rice patty cultivation and survivalist skill sharing.

Good Karma

Are you a local sales person? Do you want to build a residual income stream? Would you like to represent a product that matters and is ecological? Then Bare Necessities is looking for one or two such representatives in the country of Panama to bring this local cleaning product to the public.


The International Permaculture Community ( is set on the Bocas Archepelago of Panama. Shared businesses, communal spaces and activities and a place to call your own for a small budget … in the new currency - our efforts - all for one and one for all! If you would like to join our budding intentional eco-concious tribe and you want to practice and develop your skills further please contact us at 507-6416-1010 (*Signal, Telegram or Whatsapp) or email us at .

Mahalo, Thank You, merci, Shokran, Gratzie, gracias...
The Tribe