It has been said that the jungle is the Earths lungs. It produces oxygen in vast amounts, sequesters carbon and is important for all life on earth yet not enough is being done to protect this diverse biological resource. The core team have witnessed first hand the destruction of jungle in Central America.

In Panama, the government continues to give major incentives to the meat and dairy industry, to clear cut and establish more grazing lands. As if this were not bad enough many fields are then sprayed with herbicides each year to reduce the weeds, which inadvertently are killing off river species at an alarming rate and ultimately spitting more chemicals into the ocean. There has also been much erosion since forests help keep water tables high and without them the mountains here turn dry as weathering washes away the top soil. All this is detrimental not only to the natural ecosystems but also to the health of locals who are not engaged in such activities and whom are afraid to speak up due to the financial power of some of these rich farming families.

The IPC in collaboration with the Community Earth Foundation is dedicated to protecting old growth forests and replanting new ones. We both want to protect large areas of remaining jungle from such barbaric exploitation and save watersheds in the process - and you can help make this happen!

Adopt a whole acre for only $600 USD today! You can adopt as many acres as you wish to be protected through the Community Earth Foundation which is a Land Trust. By helping adopt an acre you are also investing in our eco-community that will help guard it, ensuring over site in its protection. The Community Earth Foundation's charter with the IPC calls for 60% of the land purchased to be protected as natural habitat.

Together we can steward a better symbiosis between humanity and GAIA. It is our duty to ourselves and future generations and species to protect as much jungle as possible as soon as possible. It is a matter of finding the people who want to live and protect the forests and matching them with people who have the funds to acquire them. Giving to the 'Adopt An Acre' program ensures that large chunks of this gift, this bio-diverse natural heritage, be preserved for generations.

To show our gratitude, the community wants to welcome those who donate to come for a free week stay at the eco-village site, at your convenience (pending available visitor space), to see for yourself the lands that we are protecting and reforesting with your financial contributions and to enjoy the community and see what the area has to offer.

A donation of $600 USD adopts an acre of jungle today!