The Community Earth Land Trust and the International Permaculture Community/Eco-village are seeking investors for the acquisition of the land and initial community infrastructures. This includes legal fees, an access road, a large communal building, a communications hub, an off grid electrical system, a water system, a Community Earth Permaculture Master Plan & some monies for flora and basic equipment which will be used in the first farming / food transformation cooperative ventures.

This is a very unique project and we are soliciting special investors, those that believe in the project and understand its importance globally and understand that their infusion of capital is a real blessing at this initial stage.

There are a 3 main ways to invest in the IPC:

The core team is open to discussing other arrangements for larger investments as long as they don't compromise either the land trust nor the IPCs mission and vision.

Financing Overview

Our new financing strategy has two stages:

Stage 1. We have launched a crowd sourcing style campaign. Anyone who is interested can donate or invest to help us raise the capital to purchase the land outright and thus protect the ecosystem and secure a place for the IPC. Our goal is to raise $300,000 USD by March 2018. We are hoping to do this with a total of 60 investors who are ready to put in $5000 USD into the project. Such investors are called Angelitos and may or may not become future participants of the IPC.

Stage 2. After purchase of the land all left over funds will be redirected toward the ground work and community infrastructure of the IPC and we will re-evaluate our costs and our business opportunities and crowd fund again if the need arises.

Note that donations are also appreciated and will be tax deductable (in Canada) once charity status is granted by Revenue Canada. Please let us know of your intent to give us a donation for tax deductable purposes as it will help keep everyone abreast in financing this project. We appreciate all the help you can offer.

Stage 1 Investment Details

Our aim: $300,000 USD. When you invest $5000 or more, you will become an Angelito investor - a 'little angel', who is allowing us the opportunity to create an ecovillage and save a beautiful jungle ecosystem to boot. You are guaranteed a return of your principal plus an interest of 2% per annum until the Community is able to pay you back. This is a socially responsible way to invest your money where the funds will go to improving the planet directly and with extremely low risk to your own finances.

    There are several other perks to investing as an Angelito in Community Earth now:
  • You can visit the land at anytime and camp for up to a month per year. This includes a family with children or with up to a maximum of 4 adults. This right is transferable to anyone you desire. Certain services will not be included however if available you will be given lodging and where the community has abundance you will be honored.
  • You will have first access to information on new businesses and further investment opportunities that may come from spin offs of the ecovillage.
  • You can be kept abreast of the Land Trust activities as well as that of the Eco-village.

Please consider being an Angelito investor and make your pledge to invest today. Once the Non profit organization is incorporated and an escrow account opened which we are aiming to have done in December, we will ask for the pledged funds.

A standard contract will be drawn up for each investor. Your money will be held in the escrow account of the Community Earth Land Trust. The property will be purchased once the escrow account has reached critical mass - raised the $300,000 USD and/or a suitable land of 100 plus hectares with all the criteria has been found for less. If land has not been bought after 2 years from your initial investment date you have the right to claim the amount you have invested plus the interest.

Stage 2 Investment Details

Once land is purchased under the protection of the Community Earth Land Trust your funds will be locked in with us for a while longer. Payback estimates range from 3 to 10 years since purchase with a 2% accrued interest rate since initial investment. It is the objective of the Tribe to be free of debt as soon as possible so a big effort will go toward revenue generation to allow for a quick payback.

Alternatively, if you are also interested in being a Tribe member or a Part-Time Resident in various capacities or even a Vacation Investor, the monies you have invested can be transfered to offset the Financial Cost of Initial Participation. The $5000 USD Angelito investment covers a large chunk of this fee.

At this point a re-evaluation of our Cost Summary document with details on planned expenditures will be undertaken to better reflect the land we have attained and the people who are interested in participating on the Pioneering phase and beyond. At this Stage there may also be further investment opportunities in the working cooperatives of the International Permaculture Community that may have more interesting financial returns and these are project dependant.


If you or someone you know would like to invest in the IPC as an Angelito, a Vacationer or as a full blown Tribe member please contact us. If you want to learn more about our business opportunities you will need to talk to one of the core team and we could send you the IPC 'Prospectus Plan'. You can also check out our IPC Strategy for Sustainable Growth page, for a general time line idea. We look forward to speaking with you, hearing your thoughts, emotions, revelations and how we can work together to make the International Permaculture Community a pleasant reality.

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