The Community Earth Foundation (Land Trust) and the IPC Eco-village are seeking to raise $600,000 USD. This is the capital needed for the land acquisition and initial community infrastructures. This includes legal fees, an access road, a large communal building, a communications hub, an off grid electrical system, a water system, a Community Earth Permaculture Master Plan & some monies for flora and basic equipment which will be used in the first farming / food transformation cooperative ventures. Visit our Cost Summary document for details.

Any monies raised beyond this amount will be held by the Community Earth Foundation in trust for the acquisition of other lands to protect around the world.

There are a few ways to invest in the IPC with the two most common being joining the tribe as a Participant and being an Angel.

Angels, are investors who can put upwards of $50,000 or more toward our fund raising goal, while Participants are the future members who are reserving a place in the community. This is a very unique project and we are soliciting special investors, those that believe in the project and understand its importance globally and understand that their infusion of capital is a real blessing at this initial stage.

Angel monies can be in the form of pure philanthropic donations or as no interest loans with guaranteed pay back dates. There are many ways to regain initial investments through the businesses that are spun off from the communities development.

The core team is open to discussing other arrangements with possible investors as long as they don't compromise either the Foundation or the IPCs mission and vision.

If you or someone you know would like to invest in the IPC please contact us and we will send you our 'Prospectus Plan' and more details. You can also check out our IPC Strategy for Sustainable Growth page, for a general time line idea. We look forward to speaking with you.